Medooze is a personal project developed by me and Gabriela Bittencourt, consisting of a smart lighting system. The algorithm developed by us analyses the music in real time to create synesthetic visual effects.

The installation was presented in a music festival: the audio from the DJ mixer was captured by an audio interface, and processed in a Pure Data patch. This patch simulated a fluid that was reacting to several audio features in real time.

The fluid positions were then mapped to a color palette, forming visual streams in a wave-like motion. Each particle of the fluid was then mapped to a corresponding Led in a strip. This information was sent through the network to a Raspberry Pi, which controlled 12 Led Strips.

(Music used in the demo video: So Let's Begin - Kognitif)

A total of 60m of Led Strips were placed above the dance floor, streaming out from the DJ cabine, represented as an hexagon in the video. You can see the infrastructure in the pictures below.

dance floor again dance floor
Andre Sbrocco Figueiredo
Engineer & Software Developer

Andre is a young mechanical engineer looking for an innovative project to embrace.