Audio-visuals in shared space as a metaphor for mindscapes

Audio-visuals in shared space as a metaphor for mindscapes

The Group ‘Perception, Action, and Interaction’ at NICS explores the interaction between humans and digital media; ‘Perception’ stands for audio analysis, psychoacoustics and visual cognition; ‘Action’ stands for designing sound and visual arts; ‘Interaction’ stands for how humans interfaces with the digital environment.

The presented work is a prototype of the first project of the group. The concept is to build an interactive imersive environment where a performer can navigate through a sphere full of silent movie clips and interact with them. The navigation is controlled by the users hands and position in the room, while other body features control video and audio effects.

The audio is also composed in real time using granular synthesis and mixing musical themes associated with each clip. This combination creates a noisy and thematic atmosphere that resembles an antique silent movie cinema. A shared space is created using the network, so that many actors can perform in real time, each one from its own machine. This process is documented at this publication.

Andre Sbrocco Figueiredo
Engineer & Software Developer

Andre is a young mechanical engineer looking for an innovative project to embrace.